noisywallflower (noisywallflower) wrote,

I need drugs...

It's really difficult for me to even get out of bed, lately. I'm having trouble elaborating.

I'm worried about being surrounded by fatty foods on Superbowl and I'm worried about the possibility of my parents throwing me a birthday party at a restaurant. So much pressure to eat so much of food that is just not good for you...

Thanks to Tam, I'm now a closet Schnuffel freak. He's a cartoon bunny that sings techno songs in German. I did find an English language video of him on YouTube, but I couldn't embed it into this post.

When you're very depressed and apathetic about life, you think about the strangest things. I was watching some random news program last night about this girl who became a secret undercover informant and that she was caught with drugs and that got me wondering about ecstasy. I think I could use a happy pill.

I wonder if certain people would be better off without me. Sometimes I think that I'm just dragging people down with me. I have wonderful people in my life and I'm not doing them any good. I feel so guilty.
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