noisywallflower (noisywallflower) wrote,

good news

I suppose I should have told you guys this yesterday so that I wouldn’t have left you hanging, so to speak. It’s good news, I think. Or at least could be good news depending on how it turns out.

My mother couldn’t go with me to the doctor’s as her arm was spasming like crazy and she thought she’d be too sleepy to go with me under the influence of pain medication. Dad went with me. Usually he’s not very good at things like supporting me emotionally and making me feel better, but he did well all-in-all.

Before I went my mom made a list of symptoms that she wanted to be sure Dr. McLaughlin knew about. One thing she listed was ‘hallucinations/delusions’ … You know, you would think that she would tell me that I was a raving lunatic the night before. She said I’d been seeing bugs again. I can’t help but wonder why it’s always about bugs. I’ve never been particularly afraid of bugs.

Anyway, to the important part…

I am obviously not hospitalized. Dr. McLaughlin increased my Cymbalta and my anxiety medications. He said if that didn’t work out for me that I should seriously consider ECT again.

So, I’m here. Hi.
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