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Dreaming [12 Mar 2009|01:04am]
So, I’ve had this dream before. Back when I dreamt it then I was certain that it was important, but I never really understood it.

It starts out with me climbing a narrow but steep stairway. The stairs are grey wood, a kind of weathered looking wood. I’m climbing for a long time. I know that I’m high up from the ground. Finally, I get into a very cramped room. Everything is grey. This place has a quiet sort of contemplative aura about it. There’s a full length mirror and its glass is smudged and old looking. I know that I’m at the highest height I can get. I see a wrinkled woman in the mirror and suddenly I’m somewhere else.

Upon entering this room I am loads happier. I somehow know that I am as low as I can get - like in a basement - whereas in the grey room I knew I was at the very top. This is a gold room. The light that illuminates everything is a champagne color. Everyone is dressed in warm shades of beige or gold and they are dressed to the nines. It’s kind of a Gatsby party with flappers and dapper, handsome men - all young and full of life. I have a sense of warmth and happiness in the gold room.

I have no idea what meaning this dream holds. I guess it might be a little important if I have it more than once. What do you think that it’s about?

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You're all very insightful people. I thought maybe you could help me figure this out. It's bugging the hell out of me. I tried looking up the significance of the colors grey and gold but I don't know if that matters to my brain. Boy. I'm going back to sleep.
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