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[23 Mar 2015|12:05am]
My aunt Karolyn who I called Kainy just passed away.

I remember getting Kainy a get well card signed by Poe.

I remember going to New York with Kainy and having such a good time seeing the musicals. I remember how surprised she was at the price tag on a pair of designer sneakers and laughing about it.

I remember going to the Cleveland Rainforest with Kainy and mom.

I remember going to Disneyworld with Kainy and my parents.

I remember playing Scrabble with Kainy and my mother and how Kainy would come in last every time. She never believed that qua was an actual word.

I remember the last Thanksgiving we had together when she ate so much more than she usually did and playfully joking about it.

I remember all of the times I spent the night at Kainy’s house. We’d watch TV together.

I remember introducing Kainy to Buffy The Vampire Slayer only to have her say it was too scary and that we shouldn’t be watching it.

I remember Kainy taking me to the IX Indoor Amusement Park for an autograph signing and having such a good time roaming the place.

I remember every time I went shopping with Kainy how literally every single time we would run into someone who remembered her as being their teacher or guidance counselor. She must have been a really fantastic teacher because her former students always had such nice things to say about her.

I remember how the first time Kainy saw Sadie she cried because she missed the dog we had before Sadie.

I remember my last birthday when Kainy went to the trouble of having my grandmother’s rosary repaired so she could give it to me as a gift.

I remember Kainy decorating her guest bedroom specifically for me, like a second bedroom for me. She even got a painting of a little girl and a teddy bear for me. At one point she even had an air hockey table set up for me.

I remember when Kainy drove me and my friend home from Lilith Fair in 1997, I think. She stopped at a rest stop on the way home and accidentally drove into the bus/truck entrance and was so frustrated with herself, declaring “Oh, this is the damn back!”

I remember when I was little that when my ‘Grandma’ Noday couldn’t come to my house to babysit me, the duty would fall to Kainy. My mom would take me across the yard before school and I’d climb into Kainy’s hospital bed and snooze a while with her.

I remember when I was allergic to lots of things, my aunt would make non-dairy potato soup for me. She added bacon. At the time I had no moral objections to bacon.

I remember helping her in the kitchen, especially with spaghetti sauce. We made the best spaghetti sauce.

I remember doing puzzles with Kainy. We would be dead silent as we diligently assembled the pieces.

I remember that when I was little Kainy called farts ting-tings.

I remember how Kainy planted a rose she got as a party favor at my First Communion in her front yard. Now it’s a pretty big plant.

I remember climbing in Kainy’s crab apple tree.

I remember just two days ago how Kainy was dopey from morphine and asked me if I wanted a piece of cake when there was no cake there. It sounds like a depressing memory, but we joked about it.

I remember every autumn when Kainy could still drive how we would go driving just to look at the changing leaves.

I remember how Kainy and I would make the most out of all of the curbside takeout places in our area.

I remember how Kainy would be at every single event. Every play I was in, every recital I danced in, every out of state competition I danced at. She was always there for me.

I remember how when mom was sick I temporarily moved in with Kainy and she was incredibly supportive and nice.

I remember Kainy taking me to the Odeon in Cleveland one year to see Poe perform. She was happy to stay in the back while I was in the front row.

I remember Kainy used to squeeze fresh orange juice for me every morning before school. She must have spent a lot of money on oranges.
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Vampire Diaries Finale Watchalong! [21 May 2010|10:15pm]
Are you ready? :D
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Vampire Diaries watchalong 'Isobel' [20 May 2010|10:05pm]
And so it begins! Start your episode! :D
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Let's do this watchalong the right way this time. [02 May 2010|08:55pm]
It's almost time for the watchalong. If you have the Vampire Diaries episode Blood Brothers on your computer or on streaming video, start it up at about 9PM EST.
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The Vampire Diaries: Blood Brothers [01 May 2010|10:00pm]
Alright! Feel free to post your opinions on the last episode of The Vampire Diaries :D
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Miss Mystic Falls watchalong [22 Apr 2010|08:02pm]
Yaaay! It's time!
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Vampire Diaries Watchalong [15 Apr 2010|08:22pm]

So sorry that I am late! Alright, what did I miss?
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Vampire Diaries Watch-Along [08 Apr 2010|07:10pm]
A friend and I are having a Vampire DIaries watch-along of sorts. Anyone is welcome to join in. I'm making it a public entry.
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RP [17 Feb 2010|09:50pm]
I know I'm not the only RP nerd out there nor am I the only Vampire Diaries nerd out there. Would any of you be interested in an InsaneJournal based Vampire Diaries RP starting from the beginning?
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just so you know... [12 Nov 2009|12:15am]


Comment to be added!
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[14 Oct 2009|10:06pm]

Banners and download links under the cut!
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Song [23 May 2009|07:39pm]
I'm just about to begin movie night. My aunts Eleanor, Sis, and Marylin are in town so we thought we'd all sit around and watch warm fuzzy movies like Frost/Nixon. Ha. Before I start, I thought I'd offer you all a song that I am currently infatuated with. It's not the first time I've heard it, but for some reason I really like it now. I hope that you enjoy it.
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Some old pictures of Gracie [29 Apr 2009|07:35pm]
This is Gracie


More under cut.
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Dreaming [12 Mar 2009|01:04am]
So, I’ve had this dream before. Back when I dreamt it then I was certain that it was important, but I never really understood it.

It starts out with me climbing a narrow but steep stairway. The stairs are grey wood, a kind of weathered looking wood. I’m climbing for a long time. I know that I’m high up from the ground. Finally, I get into a very cramped room. Everything is grey. This place has a quiet sort of contemplative aura about it. There’s a full length mirror and its glass is smudged and old looking. I know that I’m at the highest height I can get. I see a wrinkled woman in the mirror and suddenly I’m somewhere else.

Upon entering this room I am loads happier. I somehow know that I am as low as I can get - like in a basement - whereas in the grey room I knew I was at the very top. This is a gold room. The light that illuminates everything is a champagne color. Everyone is dressed in warm shades of beige or gold and they are dressed to the nines. It’s kind of a Gatsby party with flappers and dapper, handsome men - all young and full of life. I have a sense of warmth and happiness in the gold room.

I have no idea what meaning this dream holds. I guess it might be a little important if I have it more than once. What do you think that it’s about?

(x-posted to _dreams_)

You're all very insightful people. I thought maybe you could help me figure this out. It's bugging the hell out of me. I tried looking up the significance of the colors grey and gold but I don't know if that matters to my brain. Boy. I'm going back to sleep.
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I need drugs... [24 Jan 2009|11:59pm]
It's really difficult for me to even get out of bed, lately. I'm having trouble elaborating.

I'm worried about being surrounded by fatty foods on Superbowl and I'm worried about the possibility of my parents throwing me a birthday party at a restaurant. So much pressure to eat so much of food that is just not good for you...

Thanks to Tam, I'm now a closet Schnuffel freak. He's a cartoon bunny that sings techno songs in German. I did find an English language video of him on YouTube, but I couldn't embed it into this post.

When you're very depressed and apathetic about life, you think about the strangest things. I was watching some random news program last night about this girl who became a secret undercover informant and that she was caught with drugs and that got me wondering about ecstasy. I think I could use a happy pill.

I wonder if certain people would be better off without me. Sometimes I think that I'm just dragging people down with me. I have wonderful people in my life and I'm not doing them any good. I feel so guilty.
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Does it work for me? [08 Oct 2008|11:37pm]
crossposted to MySpace...
I'm contemplating a new haircut. I keep seeing Brea Grant on Heroes (she's Daphne Millbrook - the really, really fast girl) and I love her short, choppy hair. I like it in the same way that I loved Kristen Bell's haircut in the first few episodes of Veronica Mars. I've always liked my hair long and feminine with its natural wave/curl, but the idea of a short, funky 'do is appealing. I've had people warn me that, to wear it like in the pictures below, I would have to actually put forth effort into styling it - blowdrying and straightening. That's no fun. I rarely have the energy to pull my hair back into a ponytail.

But what do you guys think? Here are some illustrations...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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WOW [25 Jul 2008|09:55pm]
I just got my new Nikon. It ROCKS, guys. It REALLY ROCKS. It rocks so much that I have started using all caps.

I'm lazy and I need a shower, so I don't have any pics at the moment. However, tomorrow is my aunt's father's birthday party (the big 7 - 0 ) so I'll have loads of pics from the party.

I had an awesome dream last night. I was a spy, using my feminine wiles (ha ha ha) to get government secrets from men. The government paid for my wardrobe. I know. Crazy, right? But it's a nice fantasy to have, y'know. If the government paid for my wardrobe I'd be shopping every day.

Shower time. Love you guys.
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School and Uh Huh Her [09 Jul 2008|11:03pm]
I have committed my new students’ names to memory. The one whose first language is Arabic is Nayel. Which sounds like Nail. He’s really very attractive for a young person (18, maybe 19), but I’m not Mary Kay Letourneau. The second who didn’t say much to me at first is Jerome. He’s fun. Nayel passed TWO TESTS today. One 100%, too. I think that he might possibly finish the course on my off day tomorrow. Go him.

My dad says that teaching might be my niche. Who knows, really. I can hardly see myself in a conventional classroom in front of a class full of evil-eyed kids who put tacks on my seat and launch spitballs into my hair. I like this classroom, though. I scoot around from computer to computer on my wheeled chair.

I discovered this new band. Uh Huh Her. Sound familiar? It should. It’s a PJ Harvey album title. I’ve read that this band drew inspiration from the album. They sound nothing at all like PJ Harvey. They’ve got this airy sound to them and I like it. So I was wondering...

Which of you has the skillz to rip this song for me???
You can find it on this page - http://www.imeem.com/people/cYLZ-Ll/music/u6Tz9LUk/uh_huh_her_common_reaction/

I hardly expect to get something for nothing, so I’ll provide a link to a song I ripped for YOU!
That’s Hooverphonic’s cover of Depeche Mode’s Shake The Disease. I don’t think you can find it on iTunes. SCOOOORRRREEE.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve asked all of you to rip me songs about a million times. I must sound like a broken record.
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a request [17 Jun 2008|01:29am]
Hey, guys,

Do any of you have Sally's Song covered by Fiona Apple? If you do, would you kindly upload it to sendspace or some place where I can get it? I'd appreciate it. :)
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[25 May 2008|10:01pm]
I want an Ewok for a pet.
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